No Laminate

The new control panel isn’t built yet. It will be identical in dimensions but constucted from MDF instead of oak laminate (the oak laminate chips very easily). The coin buttons may be relocated, and I will be adding a hidden “Power” button to turn the PC on/off, and a readily accessible “Pause” button. I may […]

Initial Assembly

I used 2 2×4’s and a piece of oak as the bottom of the cabinet. The cabinet sides screw into the 2×4’s and the computer sits on the oak piece. There is also a 2×4 just underneath the control panel that the sides screw into. The control panel will also be screwed onto that 2×4. […]

Sides Cut

After 2 1/2 years of thinking about it, I finally bought three sheets of 3/4″ MDF. Armed with Lusid’s Revision 7 plans, I cut the cabinet sides with a circular saw, and used a jigsaw for the round cut. The most important part about cutting MDF is not to let the wood snap off when […]