WPF Front-end

Well, I’ve scrapped the Silverlight front-end in favor of a WPF-based front-end. I found out the Silverlight GPU acceleration is really only useful for video, so that became worthless for this project. WPF gives me all the cool features of Silverlight, plus I can use local resources much more easily.

Cabinet Work

Finally cut the slanted top/rear piece of the cabinet.  The big hold-up was the table saw my dad gave me; I couldn’t figure out how to get it to cut the 45’s I needed. It turns out the handle to unlock the blade is reverse-threaded (and unlabeled), so it took me a while to figure […]


I modified one of Oscar’s high-res MAME graphics to get rid of the purple flames & I added some white text with a blue glow to it. I scaled it down to the necessary size & had a friend print two different marquees. One is on 3/8″ white acrylic, the other is on (I think) […]

No Laminate

The new control panel isn’t built yet. It will be identical in dimensions but constucted from MDF instead of oak laminate (the oak laminate chips very easily). The coin buttons may be relocated, and I will be adding a hidden “Power” button to turn the PC on/off, and a readily accessible “Pause” button. I may […]