MAME Iron Front-End revisited (WPF)

After several iterations of MAME Front-ends, I think I’ve landed on something I can call “Done” (for now!)

2006 I used MameWAH
2007 I wrote my own front-end in, based on MameWAH (before it was open-sourced)
2010 Attempted a GPU-accelerated Silverlight front-end
2011 Created WomPF!, a WPF front-end with a rotating game-selector
2014 MAME Iron was born when I scrapped everything and rewrote from the ground up in C#
2016 MAME Iron becomes motion-activated with voice-recognition
2017 Scrapped everything again and rewrote from the ground up in WPF, this time with a focus on UI as well as UX.

First, a few credits are in order:

  • Thank you to the person, or team of people, that created the Nevato Theme. I completely stole your cabinet picture for MAME Iron.
  • Thank you to Greg Schechter (wherever you are on the interwebs) for creating the WPF Planerator which allowed me to 3D-rotate the game screenshots to match the arcade cabinet.
  • Thank you to the fine people that created these sweet fonts, “Arcade” by Jakob Fischer and “PacFont Good” by Fontalicious. Without them I’d probably still be using Comic Sans.

With that said, here’s a not-quite-final look at it:
Favorites appear at the top of the list.
The year & play count is shown in the LCD strip just underneath the screenshot.

I have some UI work to get the screenshots to skew *exactly* pixel-perfect, but it’s close enough for now. (My dev machine is 1920×1080, and the Arcade monitor is 1680×1050…it’s more of a trail & error thing, than an exact science).

Next up: Re-implementing the motion activation & voice recognition.

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